King Creosote and Jon Hopkins – John Taylor’s Month At Sea

This track is from the King Creosote / Jon Hopkins collaboration album Diamond Mine, and this particular live version (there are four songs in the video – it’s like a mini gig) is from NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concerts”.

YouTube Preview Image
I love to look out at the sea
from the Swing Park here at Rum Bay Beach
Today John Taylor starts his month away
on a boat one-ten miles east of Aberdeen

A dozen men, thirty days with twenty-four hours in each
of shattered boyhood dreams and not much sleep
I’d much rather be me
For once I’d much rather be me

A month at sea and they will surely sleep
with their heads still stuck on land
A month on land and then they’ll surely dream
of girls they can afford but cannot have

And in the drunken haze they’re on a rolling wave
For once again I’d much rather be me
I’d much rather be me
Once again I’d much rather be me

For once again I’d much rather be me

BTW, the instrument Jon’s playing before he switches to the keyboard is called a harmonium.

Also, you can hear the album version here.

How To: Fix the Shadow Warrior startup DBUS address error on Linux

I picked up the Humble Indie Bundle 14 the other day, which included Shadow Warrior – so I’m all keen to give it a shot on Linux, but when I launched it, I got this DBUS issue:

I’m running 64-bit Arch, and I noticed there was a lib folder – so I thought that would be a good place to start experimenting, and I was right! =D

To get Shadow Warrior to launch, you need to remove the libSDL2 and libOpenAL library (.so) files – but have your Linux distro’s versions installed. I did this by renaming the lib folder to old-lib, creating a new lib folder to take its place, and then trying to launch, getting an error, and copying a lib from the old-lib to the lib folder, which by the time the game would launch gives me:

I have libSDL2 and all lib32-sdl* packages installed, but I have only the native 64-bit version of OpenAL installed (which did not get copied into the remastered ‘lib’ folder) and not the lib32 variant – and yet the game launches and works! So give that a shot – works for me =D

Shadow Warrior - working!

Clark – Winter Linn

Listening to spotify the other day I was looking at artists similar to Four Tet – and came across Clark (great website w/ lots of music and vids btw). So glad I did! He’s fantastic!

YouTube Preview Image

This track’s taken from his self-titled 2014 album – well worth listening. Have bought a couple of Clark CDs to celebrate the find =D

Also, his recent ‘Winter Boots Pt 1′ EP is free to download now from: