Clark – Winter Linn

Listening to spotify the other day I was looking at artists similar to Four Tet – and came across Clark (great website w/ lots of music and vids btw). So glad I did! He’s fantastic!

YouTube Preview Image

This track’s taken from his self-titled 2014 album – well worth listening. Have bought a couple of Clark CDs to celebrate the find =D

Also, his recent ‘Winter Boots Pt 1′ EP is free to download now from:

Oracle Java Certfication

I passed my 1Z0-803 Java SE 7 Programmer I exam the other day – and it was without doubt the hardest exam I’ve ever taken by a country mile.

The entire thing’s made of trick-questions, corner-cases and large ‘human-compiler’ questions which have you substituting multiple pieces of borderline-legal nonsensical code into large swathes of horribly structured and badly laid out code to mentally determine which ones result in a given set of output. Horrific.

Also, on top of having to race your way through 70 questions in two hours, there are an undisclosed number of “non-assessed questions” which don’t count towards your score – the only possible reason for these I can think of is to burn the clock and artificially inflate the fail rate, thus scoring Oracle ~$300 a pop on resits for people who need an Oracle cert for their work. What a complete and utter rort.


Nailed it – but the only way I’d ever do another Oracle certification would be if there was something big like a specific job riding on it. And even then I’d think twice about whether it’d be worth the grief.

Final rating: 0 out of 5 Rubber Chickens. Avoid like leprosy.

The David Hasselhoff Problem Solving Method

Saw this whilst looking for funny flowcharts for a class on control structures… I don’t think it’s quite appropriate for my lecture slides, but still – LoL! =D

The David Hasselhoff Problem Solving Method

In all fairness, I really liked Nightrider as a kid so I’m not really having a go at David Hasselhoff – I just thought it was a funny chart.