Downtime was down for a day or two because I’d started but not enabled the DHCPCD service so enp0s3 wasn’t getting an IP on reboot – and then I forgot to remove a test ‘index.html’ in the server root.

While this was why it was down, the reason it stayed down is that I’m trying to finish my PhD at the moment while also working full time – so as you might imagine, this hobbyist website is one of the last fires to put out when everything is on fire.

Normal service (of old content) is now resumed.

On the upside, my new research paper “SoniFight: Software to provide additional sonification cues to video games for visually impaired players.” (DOI: 10.1007/s40869-018-0059-6) should be published soon in The Computer Games Journal special issue on accessibility.

If you’d like to know more then please feel free to hit up the SoniFight Github repo.

How To: Convert Day Number to Month and Day

I needed to convert the day number, that is, what day it is between 1 and 365, into a month and day without using Calendar / DateTime classes and such today, so I knocked up a few simple functions that work assuming it’s not a leap year (i.e. that February has 28 days).

Here they are if they’re of any use to you:

A touch cheap, but it gets the job done.