How To: Mount a SD card in Linux

Just FYI and because I had to figure it, add the lines:


to /etc/modules and reboot with the SD card in the card reader.

Tada! SD card will automount. Mine gets mounted at /media/disk

For me at least, if the card ISN’T in the card reader when I boot I can’t get it to recognise it until I reboot with it in, no matter how much I modprobe. Such are the joys of the lin…

If -YOU- know how, please slam it in the comments. Cheers!

Update – September 2011: I wrote this entry a long while back, but in LMDE at least, you can just modprobe the kernel modules like this:

sudo modprobe tifm_core
sudo modprobe tifm_sd

Then insert the SD card and it’ll pick it up, no reboot required.

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