Linkage #1 – A Journey of a Thousand Websites…

  • Funny indian language music video with subtitles of what they’re saying if they were singing in English, um, if you get what I mean.
  • Baseball pitches – Do you know your changeup from your splitter?
  • Not sure which font to use? Have a look at all the fonts on your machine and how they look here (There should surely be an offline app for this.. but damned if I know one – suggestion always appreciated! [linux preferred ;)] )
  • One of the greatest ideas ever – liquid glasses for the third world – absolutely ingenious, and it’ll work.
  • When items aren’t new enough or old enough to have value they enter the trough of no value. WooOOOoooo…
  • – is full of, as the site says; ideas, aesthetics and amusements.
  • Deinterlacing rigouressly explained. No, really.
  • Creative bank-note graffiti ftw.

And a special mention goes out to the following site for being the best damn product review site I’ve ever had the good fortune to stumble across:

  • – Product reviews of pretty much everything tv/computer/music/gadget type stuff with internal and grabbed external reviews to make meta-scores, available in many nationalities (not just UK flavour) – really, really good site. Three thumbs up!

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