The State of Play

Another week down in the teaching game and I’m feeling quietly confident about things. Had a couple of lectures when I’ve had to put my foot down because some of the kids think they can do anything they like – or nothing at all – and get away with it. I guess it’s to be expected – they’re going to push you to see how far you’ll let things slide before getting up in their face – testing the boundaries of tolerance, as it were. Told two today that there was “no fucking point” if they’re just going to doss around and not pay any attention to the interface design techniques I was teaching them, and that I’d be happily writing F on their assignments if they didn’t get with the program – and it worked! Once I said I’m not happy with their conduct, and for their sakes and mine I want them to pay attention and participate in the class they did!!!. Result!

Really happy about that.

I -told- them that I wanted them to do as well as they possibly could; Pass this course, get their degree and get a good job + live happy, exciting lives – but there’s nothing I could do about that if they were just going to dick around. And it seemed to work. So, yeah.. first challenge passed. Phew!

In other r3dux related news, my delightful and wonderful GF Miss JuniperLee got me a copy of Burnout Paradise as it was going for $30AU (£13.50) – awesomeness! Not played it yet, but planning to get ’round to it sometime this weekend.

… Some time later …

End of weekend – Burnout Paradise is awesome – and also really enjoying Nazi Zombies mode in Call of Duty: World at War.. Pesky glowing-eyed zombies!

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