Tick follows Tock

Another week, another dorrah – and things are ticking along nicely…

Saw the Watchmen movie last Saturday – and it was fantastic.. I highly recommend. Am thinking it’s going to be the film that pops my Blu-Ray cherry (at no doubt triple the price of the DVD), but hey… it’s a film that I’d be happy to watch a good couple of times, even at two and a half hours a shot. Following on from that high, I promptly felt sick & feverish with an upset stomach and stuff for the next 4 days. This kinda left me behind on my lecture material creation, and I’ve been playing catch-up all week – but now it’s Friday I’m bang up to date and had a bunch of really good classes where the students really learnt some stuff, had some fun and worked towards their diploma. This is the ideal.

We’ve covered Structures (Object Orientation next!) and are moving onto file handling in C++, gone through a load of Photoshop tutorials to build up a portfolio in Multimedia, and I’ve got a new class I’m teaching Wednesday nights on “Operating Computer Packages”. It starts off with a single 3 hour lecture per week on Word then Excel then Access, then there’s two more 3 week (1 x 3-hour session per week) classes on developing complex spreadsheets and complex databases… Fun fun fun! Actually, the funnest part is that I’m teaching this to a Marketing class, who aren’t really the crowd I’m used to dealing with – but yeah, they’re decent folk, and it definitely takes all sorts ;)

Fight Night Round 3 - Float like a floatbot, sting like an automated-stinging-machine
Fight Night Round 3 - Float like a floatbot, sting like an automated-stinging-machine

When not feeling rough as a dozen donkeys, I’ve had a chance to play some Fight Night Round 3 (picked up for < $25 AUD ~ £10 GBP) – and it’s great! I know it’s a pretty old title, and Fight Night Round 4 is coming out soon – but Round 3 is a lot of fun – and I’m really enjoying it. Next one on the list is Resident Evil 5, which I’m looking forward to playing muchly with the mighty Shetboy =D

Whilst on a game related note, I kinda took a swing at Streetfighter IV the other day, saying that although I liked it and wanted us to remain friends quite sincerely, I could see that it was a cheap, frustration-wraught fraud on occasion. Well, I was right, and I was wrong. What I wrote previously was after only a night or two of playing – which is to say, skimming the lake with a teaspoon. Now I’ve had more hands-on time, I’m more comfortable with the mechanisms in place and don’t find it so frustrating at all. Don’t get me wrong – it is cheap – but it’s cheap in ways you can suss out, defend against, and rip it to shreds with a well-timed counter. For me, it has to be the definitive version. And although it still has its flaws – it’s the real deal through-and-through. Well deserved new-classic status upheld.

In prolate spheroid related news, it’s Wales Vs. Ireland tomorrow – the winner taking the Six Nations Cup! If Ireland win then they’ve got the Six Nations and the Grand Slam – I’m hoping our boys will step up and make it our own, but am flummoxed as to how I’m gonna watch the match – a 5:30pm Saturday kickoff would be 6.30am Sunday morning Melbourne-time, and I’m not so certain too many sports bars will be open… Will have to look for some payTV or delayed telecast… Or maybe a torrent?

What else? Hmm, am off to Melbourne for a fancy weekend in a hotel suite w/ my lovely other-half tomoz – suite even has a Spa-Bath! Neato! Get to do some camera shopping with the good lady, stroll the city, have a meal and chill like flynn…

Sounds like a plan to me.

Oh, and the post title? I was thinking about this

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