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I caught a Digg link the other day w/ 10 skills a developer will need in the next 5 years, and realised that I’m not quite up to par. So, I’m thinking that if I learn a bunch of Python and Perl, and work on the OpenGL a bit more I’ll be in better shape. Also I need to learn some SDL. I was originally thinking of using FMod, but it’s Windows only (or not?), so I’m not as keen on learning to use the API as I once might have been, considering I boot exclusively into Linux these days and do any windows work through a copy of XP thrown through VirtualBox which runs on Linux and Mac, and even has 32 and 64 bit clients.

I’ll prolly still go with SDL, since it covers joystick input etc and I need to know that stuff for classes – I’m teaching gamers, they want to write games. They don’t know shit about coding, but they want to write games, so I think SDL and OpenGL with serve them well rather than going with the DirectX abortion and proprietary bullshit…

Got a couple of games this week – Devil May Cry 4, Bully/Canis Canem Edit (Latin for “Dog eat dog”, btw)  and picked up Guitar Hero World Tour, which is a bit of alright, tho only have one guitar for it atm. And only two arms and 8 fingers. Sometimes with Guitar Hero, more would be useful.

Still working my way through Resident Evil 5 with the Shetboy, still breathing. Feelin’ a bit odd with the world and not looking forward to going back to work, but there’s the second week of holidays still to go, with only maybe 30 hours of work to get through, oh, plus the marking of assignments, so maybe 40 hours… Dang.

Not to worry. Keep breathing.

Word of the day: Mensch

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