Easter Run-Up Malarky

Wednesday’s my day off, apart from this magical Wednesday, where I have to go into work for an hour for a teleconference, gosh… the excitement. It does at least break up spending the entire day writing MS Access slides. </GrumbleBitchMoan>

Looking forward to the teaching break, and with any luck I’ll be spending those two weeks creating Adobe Presenter versions of Operational Health and Safety material the entire time (hey, the money’s good enough to buy me a big-ass TV, or [more likely] pay a big slab of my debt off).

What else can I write about quickly whilst procrastinating instead of writing more damn slides… Um, Resident Evil 5 is very good co-op, though surprisingly hard! You run out of ammo awfully quickly, and really have to pick your shots. I guess it adds to the tension that you’re watching your clips disappear and worrying about how you’re gonna have to replenish ’em shortly or face death by snu-snu having your frakn head ripped off… Also, it looks fantastic. Very purty, very detailed.

Getting some more progress done on Fight Night Round 3 and really enjoying it, but it’s getting pretty hard now… Everyone I fight has higher stats than me, and I’m ducking n’ weaving like a good ‘un while trying to land the occasional haymaker… Awesome game – think I might pick up Round 4 when it comes out soon, as opposed to leaving it 2-3 years like this time ;–)

Melbourne skyline at night, shot next to a swimming pool 22 stories up
Melbourne skyline at night, shot next to a swimming pool 22 stories up

Finally finished ripping all the CDs I picked up in Melbourne the other weekend, and really liking Welsh band The Automatic‘s album Not Accepted Anywhere – especially “Raoul” and “You Shout You Shout You Shout” atm… (listen at album link, if you’re that way inclined).

Oh, and I’ve got a drumkit =D

Slides beckon!

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