I’m Getting Married…

…to Andrea Doherty on July 18th, 2009.


And I love her, and the kids, and it’s going to be fantastic =D


She’s off in Melbourne atm, choosing a wedding dress or five – and everything feels right – but we don’t have a song! Every couple needs a song! I’ve ruled out NWAFuck The Police and maybe Rage Against The MachineKilling In The Name, but everything else is fair game…

Prolly thinking more BT and Modest Mouse, as those were the bands we met over…

So how about this:

[audio:BT-Somnambulist_(Simply_Being_Loved).mp3|titles=Simply Being Loved|artists=BT]

Mixed with this:

[audio:BT-All_That_Makes_Us_Human_Continues.mp3|titles=All That Makes Us Human Continues|artists=BT]

Or just this:

[audio:Modest_Mouse-Float_On.mp3|titles=Float On|artists=Modest Mouse]

Or all of them and more! Who says you have to pick one song? I keep my seashell collection scattered on the beaches of the world, perhaps you’ve seen it? [credit]

Anyways, I’m really excited about the whole thing, because I love her and the kids to bits and I want to stay with them, and if that’s in Australia, Alaska, Albuquerque or Aberystwyth – I’m there.

This is a happy time.

5 thoughts on “I’m Getting Married…”

  1. I am absolutely deliriously happy for both of you & the upcoming wedding.
    this couldn’t have turned out any better if I’d orchestrated it myself :P~
    Sending all my love and a skyfull of best wishes for the two of you to enjoy lingering and lasting happiness together

  2. Congratulations to both of you,bout time n all :P wishing you both a lifetime of happiness,may all your dreams come true.Will raise a glass to you on the 18th .

    much love

    Maya xxx

  3. Love it;;;;;; Love it ;;;;;;;;Love it ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    my fav
    Simply beinng loved.

    Love u Al
    & thank you for taking great care & loving my daughter & grandkchildren

  4. OMG im sooo happy for you both. Luck & best wishes ” I feel a few tears coming on here ;D” Lots of love lyndz & charlie xxx

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