Mirror’s Edge – Fastest Time on Stormdrains One

Hearty congrats to the mighty Shetboy for getting this months fastest time on Mirrors Edge Stormdrains One on the 360 at 1 minute and 18.77 seconds.


Yes, not so many people play it anymore, but still – it’s a fine and well earned achievement – I salute you, sir!

I couldn’t let this gauntlet lie, so had a whack for a couple hours myself and managed to shave a few hundredths of a second off the time, so technically I also got a fastest time of the month, but if I did so, I did it by standing on the shoulders of giants!

BTW – Check out one of the worlds fastest times below – that tiiiiiiight! faaaast!!

And just out of curiosity, I looked up the fastest times for the level on each platform:

Platform Time
PC 00:55:59
XBox 360 01:06:61
Playstation 3 01:09:54

Hmmm… Can we assume from this data that most PS3 owners are backward hick/retards living in some hillbilly shack somewhere? Why yes, yes we can =P

3 thoughts on “Mirror’s Edge – Fastest Time on Stormdrains One”

  1. Cheers Mr r3dux! Look ma, my name is up in lights!!

    You actually shaved off around 0.6secs off my time and you must’ve been steaming during your run.

    Good research on the platform differences too. The PC is 9secs faster than the xbox, wow! It was likely caused by that ‘twist twitch’ technique the fastest guy was doing at various points. I doubt that technique would be possible on a controller.

    That fastest time was pretty informative, I didn’t think about wallrunning next to the three handle swingy things, or wallrunning up on the top level…. hmmm, I feel a new monthly fastest time coming along :)

    And the PS3 guys being 3 seconds slower? Wow, all I can think is there are either a lot less gamers on the PS3 or they don’t go online.

    I’ve just checked the leaderboards, and you have the 94th fastest time ever for that level and I’m 167th. Overall I don’t think that is too shabby at all.

  2. Is that a little green monster showing towards those of us with a PS3? Why yes…. yes it is :D MOOHOOHAHAHA :p
    That said, you would think alot more ps3ers (Is that even a term we can use) would be online as they dont get charged EXTRA for an online experiance :p ohhh wait.. did I just find ANOTHER benefit of PS3 over the 360…

    Now i’d love them to make mirrors edge for the wii… can you just imagine jumping all over the lounge room to complete stages.

  3. LOLz!! Good points, Dangerz – and well made!

    Will be picking up my own PS3 when God of War III comes out… can’t justify it atm for just Little Big Planet and maybe the cut-scene-fest that is MGS:Guns of the Patriots ;)

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