New XBox 360 Motion Capture System

Looks interesting, and I really don’t want to be a hater, but you’ve got to wonder about some things:

– How fine a degree of control will you have?
– If I’m playing a skateboarding game, can the camera tell if I want the board to do a heelflip, or a heelflip shove-it? Ya know, is it accurate?
– How accurate do -I- have to be?
– How knackering will playing fighting games be on a scale of 1 to fuck-that?
– How’s a FPS gonna work? One hand for gun angle and the other for forward/back/left/right/strafe?
– Who do I sue when I break my neck on the coffee table playing Mirrors Edge 2?

Also, it’s all showing an idealised version of things not real gameplay, as the kids fingers were covering part of the board when he scanned it, yet no fingers in the scanned image. Hmm, I’m coming off as a hater here – and I’m sure lots of cool uses for this will arise, I’m just not sure about how many of them aren’t kinda gimicky…

Also, the voice recognition will be like this – no matter WHAT you ask it to do =P :–n7sFI

Okay, so I’m cynical as all hell AND a playah-hater… Oh, well. I really hope it works out, but I guess the only way to find out will be to wait and see…

One thought on “New XBox 360 Motion Capture System”

  1. Nice find Mr R3dux, I had no idea this was even being worked on.

    But that video is a rose tinted view of what they vision it to be. Check out the kid/godzilla bit, the arm swinging animation starts just BEFORE the kid starts swinging his. So this is like a band playing on Top of the Pops, they maybe can do it once or twice in the studio (per day) but have to mime when doing gigs, so it’s definitely not ready for mainstream yet.

    1) Most players out there will only be able to do knee/ankle kicks in fighting games
    2) Where was that woman’s gas pedal? And how could a system differentiate between all those people sitting so close together WITH a really quick gear change by her side?
    3) Missed opportunity with the skateboard, you only saw him choose it, yet didn’t see a single part of the underside of board in-game.
    4) How many push-ups can Chuck Norris do? As many as he wants!
    5) At the end bit, change the green light to red and you have HAL9000. For me it’s a little creepy.
    6) Will I be prevented from playing my games when I’m very very drunk?
    Pluuuaayy levelll hwwwooonnn, ya gruuuunnn giiissshhhh
    I entirely agree with your voice recognition.
    7) Really liked the way (at the start) where the bad guy tracked and looked at the player. That would add whole new types of immersion to games.

    And where is my copy of Mirror’s Edge 2?? Me wants it, me covets its, my preciousssss!

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