How To: Force Word 2003 to Repeat Table Headings Across Pages

Occasionally Word 2003 will refuse to play ball when you ask it to repeat table headings across pages, that is, each new page that a table’s on gets the table heading so the reader knows what’s what in the columns. But sometimes no matter what actions you perform that should do the trick – it just doesn’t happen. Here’s how to skull-fuck force it into doing what you’re damned well telling it to do:

  • Tried selecting the top row, then Right click | Table Properties | Row tab followed by checking the box labled Repeat as header row at the top of each page? Not having it?
  • Tried selecting Text Wrapping to None from the Table tab of Table Properties? No dice?
  • Tried un-marking the Properties | Repeat as header box then hitting [OK] then getting the table properties up again and re-selecting the box followed by [OK]? Still being a dick?
  • Then click somewhere in the table and go to Table | Heading Rows Repeat in the menu. Sorted!



One thought on “How To: Force Word 2003 to Repeat Table Headings Across Pages”

  1. Hi all,
    If you copy a table from Excel to MS word 3 table header will repeat every page.
    HoW ?
    1. Make sure, you will have a header row in the excel before copy the table to word.
    2. Copy the entire table from Excel and simply paste on the word document.
    3. Select table on the word document ( click little box left -top corner of the table.)
    Goto Table properties and select rows
    This will have tick box you to set header repeat on every page – just click
    Now you will have header in every page.
    Any problem, i can help you?
    Just a friend to help you guys.

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