Josh Joplin – Must Be You

I’ve had this song going through my head for days… Love it.

Josh Joplin Group - The Future That Was album cover

I think therefore, I think I am
I can’t make my mind up and I can’t make you understand
How I get distracted, how I search for things to say
How I let myself get myself into my way
I love to hear you talk, it’s funny but it’s true

CHORUS: What gets into me must be you
What gets into me must be you

I’m always late but it’s really not my fault
Time just hates me, that’s why it made me an adult
If wisdom comes with age then I haven’t got a clue


BRIDGE: Turn off your clock sleep in today
There isn’t a job that can not wait
I can not wait to be home with you

I might be walking and I might just laugh out loud
at something you said in the middle of a crowd
Let the people stare I can’t tell them what to do


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