5 thoughts on “Todays WTF Moment, Brought To You By Microsoft Vista(TM)(R) and NVidia(OMG)(BBQ)”

  1. Yes it certainly is a wtf moment… wtf as in… YES AND??? LOL Do you not have an nVidia card? is that the amazing part? Was it your pc or one of those pc illiterates who throw every driver they can at it before realising ohhh wait.. i have an old sparkle 256Kb SVGA grapthics card… GAMING HERE I COME!!! !HAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. Why, you cheeky scamps! 3.2GB of NVIDIA drivers is a touch excessive, don’tcha think? The ATI ones only take up 1.9GB!! [ Yup, then I installed some old Matrox ones, a Trident driver and, um, a TSR that plays a different mp3 of nails scraping on a blackboard at -EVERY- single keypress =P ]

    As for SQL Server – I thought I might need it to simulate data stored online for my upcoming 360 project (leaderboards, stats etc)

    [Shakes fist! Get off my lawn!]

  3. Or you could go really technical and use an excel spreadsheet. Ahahhahahaha. Ohh wait it’s only government departments that do that. Lol

    and 3.2gb nit excessive. They’re doing you a favour and saving all that wasted space when u backup the driver to DVD. Lol

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