Linkage #2 – It’s Been a While…

I used to post a bunch of sites and stuff I’d found interesting every now and then back when the site was on PHPNuke, but I’ve kinda forgotten to do that of late… Well – no more!

Linkage #2 be down!

  • Fancy brewing your own booze? Neither do I, really. But it looks like a fun project…
  • Consistently awesome image-based goodness abounds at 9gag.
  • The next router I get is very likely to be a NETGEAR WNR3500L Wireless-N Gigabit Open Source Router. Gigabit Ethernet! Wireless N! OpenWRT or DD-WRT or Tomato! Fo’ shizzle!
  • UnixPorn is not really porn. It’s screenshots of peoples linux desktops. Honest! I’ve even submitted my own desktop! Cos it’s not like I’m procrastinating and avoiding making database slides… Hell no! :)
  • How to position home theater speakers properly.
  • An Engineers Guide to Bandwidth is a pretty good read – about how bandwidth, latency and packet reliability effects usability of web services.
  • Red Remover is a physics based flash game – keep the green blocks, get rid of the red ones, and we aren’t fussy about the blues. Yaaayy!
  • Considering building your own NAS? Me too. Am thinking FreeNAS might be the way and the path.
  • Create a web layout with buttons, header graphics, dividers and all that jazz by knocking it up in a graphics package then slicing it into sections and exporting the HTML and sliced images. You can do the same thing using Gimp, but watching the video makes it easier to get your head around it all first.

That’ll do, pig. That’ll do…

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