Linkage #3 – Rolling Uphill

  • Chillit 2009 was an ambient music fest with a bunch of DJ’s, and it’s all available free online for ya. I’m finding it pretty good music to code to as it’s not too busy and (in general) doesn’t have a lot of vocals to distract.
  • Screw the Kindle! The new Barnes & Noble Nook looks hella nicer, if you’re in the market for an ebook reader…
  • Death Rally (1996, Win32, video) is now free to download – I’d never heard of this but it looks pretty good and runs fine in DOSBox.
  • Discovered a service called Dropbox the other day.. (this isn’t a new service, so it seems I’m a bit behind the curve here). The deal is this: You sign up for a free account, and run the DropBox client in the background on your machine. Then, when you put anything into a designated “DropBox” folder, it automatically uploads it to your online storage, where you can access it, share it, sync the latest copies to any other machines logged in as you on another dropbox client etc. You get 2GB storage on the free account, but if you want more you can pay monthly for 50GB and 100GB accounts at ($20 and $30 US per month). 2GB will be fine for me, and pretty useful, methinks. Sign up using this link and get us both an extra 250MB, if ya wanna =D
  • My current fave podcast (since LUG Radio called it a day) has got to be Linux Outlaws – just a scouser and a German chatting about this, that and the other related to the mighty Lin. And swearing quite a bit. Hurrah! Relatedly, like podcasts? Like linux? Like listening to podcasts on linux, um, on linux? Then try the gpodder client. It’s rather nice :)
  • 50 Londoners, 1 Question.

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