World of Goo is One Year Old! Pay What You Want!

World of Goo is awesome – and there’s no better time to pick up a copy at a price of your choosing! Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux in 32 and 64-bit flavours too! Woo-hoo! =D

The offer ends of October 19th 25th – so snap it up while you can!

Update: Due to the success of pay-what-you-want, the offer’s been extended until October the 25th!

4 thoughts on “World of Goo is One Year Old! Pay What You Want!”

  1. Yeah, I’ve got in on Wii – but find it nicer to play on PC w/ a mouse tho – and there are 32 and 64 bit linux versions (rpm, deb and tar.gz), too! :)

    Works super fine in ‘buntu =D

  2. Agree, mouse would be much nicer, but as I dont want the grubby lil fingers that touch everything to be touching my pc gear… the wii’s the better option.. lol

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