ActionScript 3.0: Variable Size Particle Collisions

Ha! I’ve cracked it! This really shouldn’t have taken me as long as it did to get working, but now I can have pegs and balls of any size I fancy, and the collision detection works flawlessly. No more cheaky bodges to avoid double collisions, proper trig. offsets all the way… In fact, the only bodge left is adding a slight horizontal speed jitter to a ball if it ends up with a horizontal velocity of < 0.01 after a collision, because if it's bang over over the centre of the peg it'll stay there happily bouncing away until it comes to rest otherwise - which I think is fair enough.

So after all the additional hours, does it look any better? Nope… If anything it looks worse – but she’s my baby, and I’ve finally got ‘er working properly, so I don’t care! :D

Update: And by flawlessly, I mean that I’ve just noticed a very small ball going fast will go through a very small peg, because they never intersect… Drats! Guess I’ll have to check for ranged collisions (or increase the minimal ball/peg size, or limit the movement speed). Nothing’s ever easy, is it?

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