Britain Without the Gulf Stream

Apparently, due to freak conditions the Gulf Stream has left the UK for Greenland it’s winter in the UK – and this is the result! (Gulf Stream myth debunking here).

Great Britain in Winter 2010

Beautiful, yet frickn’ freezing!

There’s a high of 32C in my part of Oz today – and can’t say I really miss the cold that much at all :)

One thought on “Britain Without the Gulf Stream”

  1. The coldest part of the UK last night was something like -22C, which was within 1C of the temperature of the north pole. The wind chill is also something like (or will be soon) -8C

    More snow predicted for southern UK all Sunday and all Monday too.

    Sure it’s nice and pretty, but everyone I know is really cheesed off with how it’s affecting their daily routine with the inconveniences.

    One day the gulf stream will switch off, but today is not that day ;)

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