How To: Play Band Hero/Guitar Hero 5/Rock Band 2 on a Soft-modded Wii

Assuming you’ve got a soft-modded Wii, most games will work fine with USBLoaderGX, however some newer games just won’t work with your standard Waninkoko cIOS 249 using cIOS 38 rev 14 (GH5, RB2, Band Hero, Mercury Meltdown Revolution etc.). To fix this you need to install Hermes’ cIOS 222 in 38 merged with 37 mode, and then tell USBLoaderGX to use IOS 222 to launch the game.

Here’s how I did it when I was fixing up my Wii:

1.) Grab a copy of Hermes’ CIOS 222 v4 from here and extract it.

2.) Connect your SD card or USB drive (wherever you store your homebrew apps) to your PC and copy the folder cios_installer (found in wherever you extracted the above archive/apps ) to the apps folder on your SD card or USB drive.

3.) Fire up your Wii and launch the app from the Homebrew Channel

Launch Hermes' CIOS 222 Updater v4 from the Hombrew Channel

4.) In Hermes’ cIOS 222 installer app choose:
– Use IOS249 to perform the install

Install CIOS 222 using CIOS 249

– Select to install cIOS 222

Choose to install CIOS 222

– Select to install it in IOS 38 merged with IOS 37 mode

Choose to install CIOS 222 in IOS 38 merged with IOS 37 mode

5.) Let the download and install process complete

CIOS 222 installed in 38 merged with 37 mode installs successfully

Now, when you want to run something like Rock Band 2, just use USBLoaderGX as normal, but when you select the game, select Game Load from the game settings and choose to use IOS 222 instead of the default IOS 249. Save the setting and the game will always use IOS 222, and always work.

That’s it – job done :)

On top of installing CIOS 222, I’ve read that some folk will run CIOS 222 installer again, this time using IOS 249 to install IOS 223 with the option IOS 60 merged with 38 – which gives you the option of using IOS 223 to try to get games working which might be particularly stubborn, but I didn’t bother doing this additional step as I don’t have anything that won’t run anymore! Worth bearing in mind in case sometime down the road some software does get narky about using 249 or 222 though…

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    1. Thanks for the info. Quick question- by installing CIOS22 – do i risk messing anything up on the Wii softmod that will prevent my other games from working with USB Loader GX?

      Thanks again!

      1. We don’t touch IOS 22 in this article, we’re working with IOS 222 which will not affect any other games, it just provides an additional IOS which you can choose to launch certain games, if you wish.

        If you haven’t changed a game’s USB Loader GX settings to launch as IOS 222, then the status of IOS 222 is irrelevant, as it’s never going to be accessed.

        Best wishes,

    2. I have USB Loader GX, and did followed these instructions exactly…. but I still can’t get my USB keyboard or Wii Speak to work with Animal Crosssing City Folk.

      Any fix for this?


    3. I clicked your link above, ” 1.) Grab a copy of Hermes’ CIOS 222 v4 from here and extract it. ”

      When I extracted it, there were 2 folders inside. 1) apps, and 2) cios_mload.

      However, there’s no mention of the cios_mload folder anywhere in this article. What are we supposed to do with this folder?

      Also, 2 different “cios 222 installer v4” apps appeared in my Homebrew. One of them had “(port 1)” listed on it, the other looked like the one in the picture above. I tried both, and still can’t get my USB Keyboard or Wii Speak to work for Animal Crossing City Folk.

      Any ideas?


      1. Ignore the cios_mloader folder – it’s not mentioned in the article, but it is mentioned in these comments – regardless, we don’t use it.

        As for getting Animal Crossing: City Folk to recognise your USB keyboard etc. – I honestly have no idea. I did a quick search and can see other people in the same situation, but no solutions. If it’s a game you really like, why not support the developers and just buy it? ;-)

        1. I did buy it (Animal Crossing City Folk), but Nintendo turned off their wi-fi service, and the only way to play online anymore is to use an iso patched to the new server.

          It works great, but there’s no Wii Speak or USB keyboard recognition :(

  1. Hi,
    I followed all your instructions to the letter and have soft modded my wii.
    Many thanks for all the instructions.
    Unfortunately, I now have the probIem of not being able to load my original Guitar Hero 3 or Beatles games (strangely Metallica Guitar Hero works fine…) Your instructions here seem only to be to load via USB, I loaded Hermes but still no luck, can you please help me load the discs before my missus kills me or forces me to reset the Wii back to normal.
    Many thanks for all your hard work.

    1. If you’re launching original discs just launch them through the original disc launcher in the top-left of the Wii channels screen – to run original games you don’t need to use any cIOS stuff at all, and there’s no reason I know of why the standard game launcher wouldn’t work.

      If your launching copies, then use Wii Backup Launcher or USB Loader GX if the discs are ripped to a USB Hard Drive – but originals should only be launched through the stock game launcher!


      1. Hi,
        Unfortunately, the original discs no longer work, the screen flashes green and then goes black and nothing else happens, so I need to reset the machine. Like I said before it only happens with Guitar Hero 3 and Beatles, Guitar Hero Metallica loads no problem, and I have no issues with any other original discs. I have tried a few non-Guitar Hero backups and they all work fine so the softmod seems to be fine.
        The Beatles I had never played before as I didn’t want to update my operating system until I had done the softmod. Guitar Hero 3 used to work fine and I am gutted it no longer does…. Can you see any reason why the softmod would stop an original game?

        Many thanks for all your hard work.

        1. Well, you learn something new every day…

          I did a bit of research, and it turns out that Guitar Hero 5/Beatles Rock Band install newer firmware when they are first installed – fair enough. But because we’ve used Preloader to skip the update checks and keep our custom firmware in place, we don’t have one of the updated files which GH5/Beatles RB insists on having to actually run the game.

          To fix this and get your original copies of GH5 and Beatles Rockband to work, head on over to this article and search the page for “cIOS56”. Go to the download link provided and get the cIOS 56 file (cIOS56-v5146-v3.6.wad), and install it through WAD Manager.

          With that in place, you should be able to launch your originals through the stock Disc Launcher channel, and everything should work swimmingly ;)

          Let me know how it turns out!

          1. You, my friend are an absolute star!
            I got The Beatles original disc working perfectly by following the method you described. Somehow you also managed to explain how to do it in a single paragraph, even I could understand.
            Once again, many thanks for all of your help and guidance.

  2. Wondering if you had any ideas…

    I’ve got the original Rock Band Wii guitar and drums. I can get the game to load using 223, and my guitar and drums work on the menus. I can strum up and down on the guitar and select stuff no problems. But then when I try to strum in the game or the calibration, the strumming doesn’t register. Very weird!

    Any thoughts?

    1. By “the game” I assume you mean Rock Band – i.e. your Rock Band Wii guitar and drums don’t work w/ Rock Band itself (except for in the menus) – that would be, as you say, very weird…

      If by “the game” you meant something like GH/GH3 or GH5, then there’s a reason for it: they’re not compatible. Check out this cheap-plastic-space-occupier compatibility matrix for further details ;)

      But if you really did mean RB kit is not working w/ RB – I guess it could be related to IOS 37.. Have a read of this to see what I mean – or if anyone’s came across & fixed this issue, feel free to chime in!

      1. Sorry… to clarify.

        I’m running Rock Band using USB Loader GX. Rock Band works fine.

        I’m actually having the problem with Beatles Rock Band. It works in the menus, and even in the game, the guitar “color buttons” light up, but because the strum bar isn’t working, it misses all the notes. But the strum bar does work to go up and down in the menu.

        The drums seem to be working ok both in the menus and the games.

        Very weird indeed!

        1. No idea what I did – still wasn’t calibrating. Just decided to try and play the game again. It didn’t strum right on the first 10 notes or so, and then all of a sudden started working.

          I wish I could offer more of a “fix” for anyone else having the problem – but hopefully I was the only one and it’ll be all good from here on out.

          1. Glad you’ve got it fixed without having to mess with any further installs, and without needing any of the below! (I’d started replying before your update, and didn’t refresh the page for ages! Ha!)

        2. Hmm, have you tried installing cIOS56 as per the instructions given to MIster Eels above? (cIOS56-v5146-v3.6)

          Or, I’ve also seen it mentioned that a different version of IOS56 is needed: IOS56-64-v5146.

          I have no idea what’s the different between them, but downloading them both shows they have different file sizes, so there is a difference. I don’t know which one is the most recent, or if the first link is a true custom IOS, while the second one is a standard, un-modified IOS – and I’m having a difficult time finding out… I’ve just seen both of them mentioned in regards to TB:RB.

          cIOSCorp seems to go through your IOSs like a ton of bricks and patch stacks of them – but personally I’ve never used it, and it seems like possibly a bit of a heavy-handed approach to the problem. It could work n’ all – but isolating the specific IOS change(s) needed would be my preferred method. If you really wanted to give it a go, make sure you get the latest version of cIOSCorp (v3.6 at the time of writing), and it probably wouldn’t hurt to make a backup of your NAND before running it.

          More research snippets to continue fighting the good fight: here, here, and here.


  3. Hi,
    Me again…
    I have acquired a backup disk copy of Guitar Hero 5 and am having the same old problem with the old screen screen flashing green and then freezing. Your instructions above seem only to be to load from a USB drive. Any chance you could help me out getting the backup disc to load. I have everything on this page and your softmod instructions installed. I figure I need to change the IOS again, how do I do this for a disc?

    many thanks once again,
    Mister Eels.

    1. I had a look at the Backup Launcher options and there’s no way to change cIOS from 249 to 222 (which is required for GH5 to run), so then I grabbed a copy of the latest Neogamma, then GeckoOS, but same situation with both – cIOS 249 only and no way I could see to pick 222 from any options.

      Not wanting to be defeated, I found this link, where it has a link to Adder’s GH5 Pack under the GH5 part. I’ve DL’d it and looked at the readme, and it seems you can get GH5 to work under Backup Launcher, you just have to reconfigure your IOSs, including 249. Looks like a lot of effort, and could have possible side-effects like not being able to install wads after the modification without further IOS modification tom-foolery.

      So if you’re determined to play GH5, your options are:
      – Go through a lot of buggeration modding your cIOS’ to play GH5 with Backup Launcher
      – Pick up a 8GB USB stick (8GB minimum as GH5 is > 4GB), format it WBFS and transfer the ISO to it, or
      – Just get yourself a compatible USB Hard Drive, like a Western Digital 320GB or such (they’re only like $100 AU/£50 UK or so)

      I’d definitely go with the HD, if nothing else just for the convenience factor of never having to mess around with discs, and USB Loader GX is pretty sweet with all the game covers fanned out like a hand of cards =D


      1. Hi,
        Thanks for the advice. Believe it or not I actually just got the PAL Guitar Hero 5 backup disc working!
        I downloaded a thing called Softchip “” which I loaded using Wad manager. When you put the disc in it lets you choose which IOS to use, I tried a few and they failed one by one, then I used IOS56 and selected the options to Remove 002 Protection and Fake IOS Requested.
        I got the info from:
        But they suggest you use IOS37 which failed for me. IOS56 was the one that worked out.
        Definitely now getting myself a HD to hold all the games, thanks for the advice, and help.

        1. Good going, man – that seems like a hella simpler method than the one I found. I’d never even heard of softchip! Ha!

          And thanks for posting correct settings, too – much appreciated :D

          . \….\……….. /…./
          …./… I….I..(¯¯¯`\
          …\…..` ¯..¯ ´…….’
          …..lo o o o o ol
          …..lo o o o o ol
          …..lo o o o o o|

          Enjoy rocking out – I think you’ve pretty much earnt it! =P

  4. Hello,

    I’ve tried step 4 twice now, and everything just freezes as soon as I confirm the selection of “IOS 38 merged with IOS 37”. No output, same image of the menu and I can’t move the selection. Any idea on what I could do?


    1. Hmm, not sure.. Do you have IOS 249 and IOS 38 Rev 14 installed? Maybe try a reinstall of them? Is your Wii connected to a working net connection?

      1. Hey r3dux!!

        Well, I followed your instructions. Before, Band Hero would just take me to a black screen. I am using USBloaderGX and an external USB HDD. When I Use IOS222 to launch the game I Indeed get the wrist strap screen, then it goes to the loading screen…after the loading progress bar reaches the end it just sits there (freezes up) and now the actual disk tray is flashing the pretty blue light. I tried loading it using IOS223 and I just get the black screen and have to restart my Wii. Again, IOS222 gets me to the load screen, after progress bar reaches the end where it should swap over to menu screen it sticks at the end and the Disc Load Tray flashes the blue light…any Idea what the problem could be?? Thanks in advance for ALL of your help and heard work!! If it wasn’t for folks like you, I would be pulling my hair out and finding a cliff to jump from!!

        1. Well, the flashing disc tray light’s signifying an error – and as you’ve successfully created the CIOS 222 and 223 using IOS 38 and 37 merged for 222, and IOS 60 with 38 merged for 223 – I’m kinda thinking that either it’s a bad copy of Band Hero (i.e. corrupted disc image) or maybe you’ve created your CIOS 222 and 223 by using IOS 38 Rev 14, and then updated your CIOS 38 to rev 17 or something so there’s a mismatch that could be causing the problem? (although I would have thought that the IOS’ work independently, I don’t know enough about how the IOS’ work as boot-loaders to definitely rule out any cross-linkage between them).

          If it were me, I be trying this:
          – Take the Wii HD to a mate who’s got a soft-modded Wii and try it on his/her setup. If it doesn’t work for them, and it doesn’t work for you, then it could well be a dodgy rip. You could try re-transferring the rip, or getting another copy and see how you go with that.


          – Update CIOS 38 to rev 17 or whatever currently passes for the latest and greatest, then recreate your CIOS 222 and 223 using the now updated CIOS 38 and see how that goes.

          Also try launching the game with the 002 Fix on, or off – whatever’s the opposite of what you’ve tried! And make sure you’ve got an updated IOS 56 as mentioned in Mister Eels comment above regarding Guitar Hero 5.

          Hope this helps!

  5. I’ll check. Seen any good guides around for reinstalling?
    My network connection is fine, though.

    Thanks for the quick response.

  6. I checked with some tool from the HBB. IOS249 is rev14, IOS38 isn’t, so I guess I’ll have to go after that one, and cross my fingers for the cIOS afterwards.

  7. My Wii is NOT CONNECTED to Internet, and therefore not able to download the files. Is there a way to do this WITHOUT Internet connected Wii??

    Can I download these files and save them on the SD Card?


    1. You should be able to do it through Dop-IOS and put them on the SD card, but you’d need to know exactly what files you need – and I don’t know which IOS files or which revisions. It’s prolly google-able though.

  8. Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for the great information!!! You rock, thanks again for the hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. r3dux, I must thank you! I just did your above steps on a 4.2U system using CFG USB Loader and it worked liked a charm.
    I have and confirmed all of the following are working perfect…
    GH 5
    GH Metallica
    GH Van Halen
    GH World Tour
    GH 3: Legends of Rock

    The only problem I’m having is it’s only seeing the original on disc content and none of my 160 DLC songs.
    Any suggestions or work arounds would be greatly appreciated.

  10. hello, when i am in the last step to install, it freezes and doesn’t download anything, what do i do?

    1. Hi – Hmm, not sure. Are you sure your Wii’s connected to the net and that the connection works? If so, maybe try downloading another copy of Hermes’ CIOS 222 installer, or maybe an updated version (if one’s available).

      It worked fine for me first time (as you can see from the screenshots) – so I don’t have any real troubleshooting information for it…

  11. Hey R3dux,

    Do you know the easiest way to get GH5 DLC working with a USB loader on a Soft modded Wii? I had it all on my SD card but the game doesn’t see any of them now.

    1. Sorry, I’ve no idea as I’ve never used any DLC on the Wii w/ USBLoader…

      If anyone reading this knows how though, please feel free to chime in! Cheers!

  12. you sir are amazing i took the steps above plus the iso 223 advice and its all good for here mate you are a god

  13. I followed this instructions and yes all guitar heros works fine BUT!!!!!
    when play GH metallica and Legends of rock plus (+) button on wii remote doesnt work =(
    how can i make this + button enable??
    when i play GH5 + button works fine…

  14. Was wondering if you may know why, or a fix for guitar hero’s not allowing bass and guitar to play together. The only way i can get this to work is to also have a singer…any thoughts?

    1. Not sure, sorry. This doesn’t sound like anything related to the softmod though, more like something that you could probably find out through the manual, or the guitar hero forums, or even or something – you probably just need to select a different game-type.

      I know that when you play Rock Band: Beatles you can’t both go the same instrument (i.e. both play guitar) on the normal career mode, it’ll force one of you to play bass or drums or sing, so the only way to get 2 (or more) players on the guitar is to put it on the kinda versus/high-score mode. Maybe it’s something related to that?

      Sorry I can’t be of any more help, but if you get it sorted out, post what you did to resolve it here & at least you can help anyone else out who’s in the same situation :)


    1. Nope – tried re-downloading it? I just dl’d and extracted without any corruption issues, so it’s likely to be something on your end.

      1. it worked this time.. thanks a lot.. file was only 202 kb on first download and it’s 933 kb now.. :)

  15. Hi,

    I wonder if you’d have any idea as to my problem. From what I’ve read around and about cIOS222 is required for Rock Band / Rock Band 2 to support the instruments. I’m running a Soft-Modded 4.2E using USBLoaderGX. All is fine and well; I have IOS 222 / 223 / 249. I think there’s another one in there too somewhere, but at this moment I don’t know what :) My concern is this; when running Rock Band 2 from my USB drive using IOS 222, the original Rock Band Guitar wont register with the game as a controller. The dongle (plugged in to USB1; as USB0 is a bit busy) has the light illuminated so it must be doing something, however no matter what I try I can’t get the Guitar to register. I’m able to play using my GH3 Les Paul Guitar, but as I’ve also got the RB1 Guitar lying around, it’d be nice to have 2 going. It’s not a matter of major concern, but a solution would be greatly appreciated, and you do seem to have your head around the world of the wii!


    1. I apologise for the comment; as it transpires having the dongle plugged in BEFORE running the game seems to have solved it! :D Hope this may end up helping someone else. I have no idea why I didn’t try that though! :D Cheers!

  16. I’ve loaded the Beatles Wii onto my harddrive and whenever I try to play it, I can’t play my drums because it requires to be plugged into the 1st USB port which the harddrive is currently on. So, How do I resolve that?

    1. Hi Jane,

      You could probably burn the game to DVD and then launch it through BackupLauncher – this way the hard drive doesn’t have to be plugged in, so you can have the drums plugged in instead.


  17. Hey R3dux,

    I´v loaded Beatles RB into my External HD (USB 1). I´ve bought a Rock Band Kit (drums, guitar and mic) bundled with a USB hub (USB 2). I´m running USB Loader, and it loads BRB nicely (although my Wii is a softmodded NTSC 4.1 and BRB is PAL). When it comes to the game itself, it only recognizes my mic. Everything else runs perfectly (latency, graphics etc), but it doesn´t recognize my guitar (haven´t tested drums yet, either another RB game or GH).
    In your opinion, could hermes solution solve it? Would be the PAL x NTSC thing a hidden problem?
    I´ve tried to burn a ISO but it doesn´t work, even with my OK Neogamma (my Wii was bought in Dec 2009, maybe it is the anti-backup thingy).
    Well, what is your opinion about it? I do a appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance, and good job!

    1. Hi Mocoroh,

      Hmm, not sure – try these:
      – Official setup guide (just to rule out the obvious):
      – Game/Instrument compatibility matrix (so you’ll know what instruments will EVER work with what games):

      Found this snippet on a forum as well:

      In order to connect with the guitar and the drums, you must press the+ key on the opening Rock Band screen (the one that says START +) with each instrument itself. I ended up backing up to the start screen, then pushing + on the guitar and got a screen that said something about how to use the guitar as a remote. Then hit b to go back to opening screen again and pushed + on the drums to get them connected as well.

      Hope this helps!

  18. Hello r3dux,

    I tried following your guide and I did everything as you said.
    The thing is, when I want to start Rock Band 2 on IOS222, my USB Loader GX tells me that I don’t have a Cios222 installed.

    I’ve already tried installing it again a couple of times and once even with only IOS38

    do you maybe know what the problem is?


    1. I got the solution to my problem, I cleared up the memory of the wii a bit and now I’ve got cIOS222 installed.
      I’m still getting a black screen with the Beatles Rock Band, so any suggestions for that?
      I’ve got IOS38 rev 14 and IOS36 rev?? (don’t know the digits, hopefully there is only one ^^) installed.
      Like I said before I use USB Loader GX

      I’ve installed IOS223 too, don’t know if this has any effect though
      might cIOS56 work or will that be a waste of time and memory?


      PS where can I check what version my Wii is?

      1. I’ve not even played more than a few minutes of Wii in the last six months, and my memory of all the IOS intricacies has left me… Google won’t have forgotten though ;)

        In regards to what I can answer, IOS 223 will only “do” anything if you launch a game using it as the firmware/module to use to launch it. There’s bound to be updated version of everything available since I wrote the piece back in January, so just have a search for stuff like “Beatles Rock Band Wii Black Screen” etc.

        Also, you can find your Wii firmware details / model from the Wii | Console Settings | Update (you’ll see your current firmware revision in the top right) – not sure about checking versions of installed IOSs.

        Hope you get it all sorted!

  19. Hey There

    Thanks for the info. My wii plays GH5 but not metallica. i have installed the 222 . What should i do to work Tallica game :)


  20. This doesn’t work for me on usb loader gx. I set it to IOS 222 but it will still be stuck on the black screen. I tried updating my usb loader gx but it still didn’t work.

  21. Question – I dont have wifi for the wii, or usb hard drives, and Im trying to get the guitar hero microphone to work on back up games that require a logitech microphone, now ive been told there is no difference between the mics. I have neogamma r9 b47 installed, but I cant get the mic to work. Ive also been told that i can install uloader without using wifi.

    Can you point me in the right direction for the files and hopefully a guide to help me. Ive asked on forums and im stuck still.

    Any assistance will be great.

    1. Hi Supersnapz, unfortunately I have absolutely no experience with getting Guitar Hero microphones to work with games that require Logitech microphones. It sounds very do-able though…

      I’ve just taken a quick google and it’s a common issue, though the main point of contention seems to be that games which require WiiSpeak won’t work with a normal mic, they need the WiiSpeak mic. But this isn’t your issue…

      Another thing I’ve seen is that because of the way the mics are connected to the Wii there needs to be a Wiimote actively connected to the system for each musical instrument before launching the game that requires the instrument for the Wii to detect it. See: this link.

      Maybe that’s the issue?

      Also, sorry for the delay in getting back to you – you wouldn’t believe how busy I am these days and I forgot about your question!

      Best wishes,

  22. i followed your instructions and it messed up my homebrew channel it wont even open goes to a black screen any ideas on how to fix that? it was working i was using gx loader

    1. That’s pretty odd… No matter, just reinstall the Homebrew Channel over the top of your borked version by performing the steps up to step 6 of this guide. i.e. You just reinstall the HBC from the HackMii installer.

  23. Hi I have tried the IOS222 and IOS223 with no Sucess
    I can load the game but my USB drums do not work and also my new keyboard

    Do you see any IOS missing below???

    SignCheck 0.3 aka /dev/nintystuff build report
    Wii region Europe
    Wii unique device id 49722177

    IOS number “Trucha bug” “Flash access” “Boot2 access” “Usb2.0 IOS tree”

    IOS254 (ver 31338) Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    IOS250 (ver 65535) Enabled Disabled Disabled Enabled
    IOS249 (ver 14) Enabled Disabled Disabled Enabled
    IOS223 (ver 4) Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    IOS222 (ver 4) Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    IOS61 (ver 4890) Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    IOS60 (ver 6174) Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    IOS55 (ver 5149) Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    IOS53 (ver 5149) Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    IOS38 (ver 3610) Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    IOS37 (ver 3612) Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    IOS36 (ver 3094) Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    IOS35 (ver 1040) Enabled Enabled Disabled Disabled
    IOS34 (ver 3091) Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    IOS33 (ver 2834) Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    IOS31 (ver 3092) Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    IOS28 (ver 1293) Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    IOS22 (ver 780) Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    IOS17 (ver 518) Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    IOS14 (ver 263) Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    IOS13 (ver 16) Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled

    1. It could be down to what you have installed at any given IOS rather than just having the IOS installed i.e. 38 merged with 37, or 38 merged with 60 etc.

      There’s a newer version of Hermes’ IOS updater available than the one mentioned in this article, which I had to use the other day to get something or other working – maybe install IOS 222 and/or 223 through that and give it another shot.

      Just google for: Hermes CIOS Updater v5.1

      Update Also, have you got one wiimote activated per instrument before launching the game? (see reply to Supersnapz above) – Just a thought…

  24. Hi
    I just bought my console and I’ve been trying to play rockband 2. I launch the game from Multiboot Channell, choose IOS 222 or 223 and the game does not recognize the instrument.

    I have to tell you that i bought my wii with everything installed (virtual chip) and i have no experience in this console buy i am looking forward to playing the game

    Any sugestion is welcome

    1. If you’ve read through all the comments on this article and nothing there helps you (make sure the controllers are on and connected before launching game, install updated IOS’ from Hermes IOS updater v5.1 etc) then you’ll have to do some further googling elsewhere, sorry – I simply don’t know any further methods of getting RockBand 2 instruments to connect other than all the ones mentioned here.

  25. Man, you are a genius,, everything worked well .. thanks a lot!
    Mejor explicacion no hay wii is 3.4u everything worked.

  26. Ive tried everthing with these cios’s and ios’s and i have manged to get rock band country track pack to load but its just the guy hitting the drums and thats it. it wasnt a phony .iso either it was 4.37gb and i was wondering if there is anything else i can do.

  27. Hi guys,

    i have a 4.3E wii, softmoded with bathaxx.
    works great with almost anything… almost is : guitar heroes 3, and Van Hallen, and Metallica.
    i can play beatles, lego, greenday, rock band 3 with 222 and 223, but as i’m trying to play metallica, the drums light is on, blue, but no number lit.
    i can only get voice, no drum, no guitar.

    i’m loading everything with USB loader GX. uLoader wont recognise my wbps folder on my usb HDD on port 0.

    anyone got an idea ??
    i’d really like to drum on Metallica…

    thanks in advance everybody.

  28. hello dont know if there are guide line for askin stuff……..was hopein for info about ……usb loader gx
    have a softmod wii 4.2U with ios 249 with base 57 ….find it runs almost anything …..anywas i wanted to get into the band games and stuff so i put…… v4… 222 and 223 on ….222 with base 38 and 223 with base 38 merg with 37 ……………………….so i was messin and put rock band to load 223 loaded ok i think …….i did not actuly play …… i try a ramdom game got a black screen…….reboot and bam 0 games on my wbfs drive … i have to make sure the game runs on that ios or els???

    1. If I understand you right, you’re saying that after installing 222 base 38 and 223 base 38 merged w/ 37, trying rockband then rebooting all your games had seemingly vanished from your wbfs drive? That definitely shouldn’t happen, and I don’t think it will have been caused by the IOS change.

      I’d say it sounds like your wbfs drive has either experienced a hardware failure (less likely) or got corrupted (more likely)…

      Maybe try repairing it with Wiimms WBFS Tool (wwt). Take a look at this post on gba temp, too:

      If you’re not comfortable working with the command line there’s GUIs for the tools available (linked from) here:

      I haven’t set up or used the wwt myself so can’t offer assistance with it.


      1. thanks got it back ……………….just to be clear rock band loaded but i did not play it …i try a diff game and thats wen it happend….

        but i think the real problem was me usein ios 249 with base 57 to install 222 223 …..wen i try to reinstall…… it said bad hash and booted me ….did not notice that the first time but wen i use 236 to do it every thing was good
        thanks for the help

  29. Sooo … When i try to install my Hermes ciOS , it’s start but after 5-7 seconds it say HASH BAD and it closes … so i just try to do it like 5 times and not working …

    1. Maybe download another copy of Hermes ciOS installer (in case yours was a bad download) or try a different version of Hermes ciOS installer?

      It’s been so long since I wrote this and there’s been so many new Wii firmwares I have no idea if this technique even works anymore…

      I just googled “hermes cios hash bad” and there’s lots of info about regarding the issue – I’ve seen it said that you need to install 249v17 or lower and then run Hermes cios, or run it on 36 instead of 249, or even just not use Hermes ciOS installer at all and use something else.



  30. Hey,
    I downloaded and extracted Hermes CIOS 222. Your instructions say to copy the “cios_installer” folder to the SD card. This caused a little bit of confusion, as there exists a “cios_installer” folder and a “cios_installer_port1” folder in the “apps” folder, and also a “cios_installer” folder in the “cios_mload” folder. I decided on the “cios_installer” folder in the “apps” folder because it was the only one with the fully correct name and the only one containing a .dol file.

    So I put the aforementioned folder in my apps folder located in the root of my SD card. I put the card in my wii and went to the Homebrew Channel. I found the CIOS 222 installer application and loaded it. It prompted me for which IOS I would like to use to install it. I scrolled through them and selected 249 as you stated to, but I was surprised to see “222” as an option. I figured this IOS 222 was different from the CIOS 222, as I only just very recently softmodded my Wii. So I selected 249 and it brought me to the next prompt, asking if I would like to install CIOS 202, 222, or 223.

    My problem is this: whenever it goes to this last prompt, my Wii remote turns off and will not turn back on until I restart the console, in which case it again turns off at the same prompt when I reattempt the installation. I’ve also had the problem of my remote spontaneously turning off when I tried to get the Wad Manager going, but I didn’t try to resolve it because the Wad Manager was superfluous to my needs.

    I’ve used several remotes that I already had synced to my Wii, I’ve used different batteries, tried resyncing the remotes… everything I could think of. What do you think the problem is?

    Thanks for your time.

  31. I spent more time working on this, installing various cIOSs and finally got it working. I believe the common source of my problem was IOS 249, which was a stub. I installed IOS 236 to help me get started and went on to download cIOS 249 and several others.

  32. Yo instale los cios de hermes v5.1 y el uloader 5.1. Corro todos mis juegos desde backup. Cuando elijo GH5 con la guitarra bien conectada (previamente elijo cargar el juego con IOS223 – con 222 y 224 no carga) comienza el juego pero me pide que conecte un microfono. Alguna idea que me ayude a solucionar esto? Paso el resultado de mi syscheck:
    OS202[60] (rev 65535, info v 5.1)
    IOS222[38] (rev 65535, info v 5.1) trucha bug, nand access, usb 2.0, es identity
    IOS223[37] (rev 65535, info v 5.1) trucha bug, nand access, usb 2.0
    IOS224[57] (rev 65535, info v 5.1) trucha bug, nand access, usb 2.0
    IOS36 (rev 54321): trucha bug, nand access, es identity
    IOS249[38] (rev 17) trucha bug, nand access, usb 2.0, es identity
    IOS250 (rev 65535) trucha bug, nand access, usb 2.0
    IOS254 (rev 65281) bootmii

  33. Hi, ive just used your method of making these games work, but i bought my sister a game called U-Sing 2 and your procedure has worked and ive uploaded it onto the wii, but when i open the game the screen will go blank. it also says that there is an update needed when i open up the USBloaderGX which i dont know whether to confirm or not. please respond back asap as its for my sisters b’day.

    1. Hi Kc,

      It’s fine to update USBLoaderGX, but don’t update your Wii’s firmware from a disc.

      Also, from USBLoaderGX’s game options (i.e. the options you can set for each game that tells USBLoader what IOS etc it should use) you should be able to enable “Fix #002 Error” or such – assuming you have a sufficiently recent version of USBLoader!

      Here’s a video that shows where to find the option:

      Hope this helps.

  34. i have now fixed the error thanx to you but i still need help making the game U-Sing 2 work, before my sisters birthday. so would you have any idea how to make it work? otherwise i will have spent $70 on nothing and the store wont let me take it back!

    1. You have to set U-Sing 2 to start using IOS 222 — this very article tells you how to do it!

      Here’s a post saying – “Use IOS 222” :
      Second post (by “summersyn’):

      Here’s the article being pointed at by summersyn (which says to do pretty much what this article says to do!):

      Come on, man! Make an effort! =P

  35. Hi. I’ve downloaded the files you told to but I can’t install. Cios_installer don’t bring the app data, that means in the HBC I can’t see the installer app. I also tried to download it from the official herms site, but when I try to install, it tries to download the Cios from internet but give me error -116. So I have the original microphonefrom band hero and I think this should works with all other required microphone games. Please help me to resolve this problem

    1. When you extract the cios_mload_source_install_3.2.rar archive it will contain two directories: apps and cios_mload.

      Go into the apps folder and you’ll see another two folders: cios_installer and cios_installer_port1.

      Just copy the cios_installer folder into your apps folder on your SD card and then launch it through the HBC.

      As long as your Wii has a working network connection, it should then get the required files and install as per the article.

      If you don’t have a working network connection for your Wii, the easiest thing to do is to take the Wii around to a mates house who has wireless that you can hook the Wii to, and then perform the install there.

      Hope this helps.

  36. i tried this (because i needed to get the wired ‘portal of power’ thats needed for ‘skylanders’ to work).

    it failed installing 222 giving a hash error on the download..

    then i tried using ‘usb loader gx’. opened wit, selected ‘skylander gaints’ from the hdd.
    then picked ‘settings’ first and set it to use ios 222. it gave me an error for not having 222 blabla.

    went back, started the game up and it worked! hdd on usb 0 (the one nearest to the bottom of the wii) and wired portal on usb 1.

  37. I do not have the option to install anything other than 222, 202, 223, or 224. The only working thing is the IOS 38, but it gives me the “bad hash” error. Is there any fix for this?

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