Best. Wife. Evah!

My darling, my sweetheart, my wonderful wife got me a couple of bits and pieces for Valentines Day…

And by a couple of bits and pieces, I mean a box full o’ everything that makes me happy!:

  • Hot beef jerky
  • Expensive Belgian beer (Hoegaarden)
  • This month’s Edge Magazine (this month for Australia, that is – we’re 3 months behind the curve!)
  • Limes! (I love limes! No, really! Half a lime squeezed into ice-cold water with a bunch of ice-cubes is teh bomb!)
  • Music & Video (a CD and series 1 of Brothers & Sisters – mainly because it has Brenda from Six Feet Under in it!)
  • Sour sweets
  • Hot sauce & a hot-chilli plant
  • Lovely, lovely Coffee (Vanilla flavour & Toffee flavour! Yum!)
  • Imported Root Beer!
  • A new watch ;) (okay, so it’s a candy watch.. but it’s made up for below!)

Valentines Gift Box

Oh, and only a frackn’ 250GB Playstation 3! And a PlayTV PVR (records/schedules recording and playback of TV, even HD stuff!). And a copy of Little Big Planet!

PS3 Valentines Gift
ZOMG! And God of War III is coming out soon!

Get in! :D

I must’ve done something very, very good in a past life…. Oh, and I got her a single red rose and a card. Must do better next year!

Ah, got reminded what I did in the past: Last year I got her a laptop… Swing, meet Roundabout :)

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