How To: Remove Adobe Drive

Adobe Drive is in the default install list for CS4, and even if you deselect it, you still end up with the explorer context entries for it, which point at absolutely nothing. As there’s no separate remove option for Adobe Drive, and I’m not using Version Cue servers, you need to find another way to get rid of said useless, space-occupying junk. Like this one…

On 32-Bit Windows:
Go to Start | Run… and enter:

Or on 64-Bit Windows:
Go to Start | Run… and enter:

This will unregister the Adobe Drive DLL and get rid of the context menus in one fell swoop…

If you (wisely) didn’t install it in the first place and just want to get rid of the context menu entries, fire up regedit and delete the following keys:

Job done.

Source: here.

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