Linkage #5: Only the Good Stuff

  • The PS3 has finally been hacked. And it only took 3 years, 2 months, and 11 days…
  • Go-OO is a faster and better version of Open Office? ORLY? Could be worth a shot… Update: It turns out the version of OO that ships with Ubuntu actually includes the Go-OO patches, so if you’re on Ubuntu you’ve been using Go-OO all along. Ubuntu FTW! Obsolete: Use LibreOffice instead.
  • Nuclear fusion edges closer to the point where it can create more usable energy than it takes to sustain a reaction. Also, uses frickn’ laser beams of such power that they could boil 50 Olympic-sized swimming pools in a single second. Repect!
  • What the hell do all these ROM codes mean? Ninja Gaiden Trilogy (U) [T-Fre.67_Skaiboy][o1].smc, anyone? Know thine GoodCodes. (BTW: Original region: USA, Translation (deprecated) into French by Skaiboy, Translation version 0.67, Rom is Overdump #1 (so has more data than required to play the game, so the game could be 3.3MB, but the cartridge has had all 4MB of it dumped)).
  • 1001 Rules for my Unborn Son – I don’t agree with a bunch of them, but some are bang on the money.
  • Are you defecient in Vitamin D? Probably. And probably so am I…
  • Spray-on liquid glass is about to take off in a big, BIG way…
  • Live longer through Calorie Restriction? Maybe.. This Times Online article by (2005 “Food And Drink Writer of the Year”) Giles Coren is a great read, and made me laugh out loud more than a few times :)
  • The two prevalent (and opposing) economic theories; Free Market Economy (Friedrich von Hayek) Vs. Keynesian Economics i.e. government steered (John Maynard Keynes) as explained via the medium of rap. No, really. It’s actually a good laugh, and worth it for the moustaches alone, so if you learn anything – bonus! ;)

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