Linkage #6: The Tangled Webs We Weave

  • Rules of Thumb is a site all about user-contributed rules to use as a guide for things, covering everything from winning at Blackjack (Assume that any unseen card is an 8.) to knowing if you’re being followed (Make a right turn, and then make another right turn. If they’re still back there after the third right turn, you’ve got a problem.) to… well, you get the idea!

  • Because E = Mc² (i.e. mass is energy), a spinning object must have more mass than a non-spinning object. And it does… Only we were wrong about how much more mass it has. By a factor of 100 million trillion…. This also has the side-effect of breaking the General Theory of Relativity. Whoops!
  • Cryptome recently got taken off the net (but is now back) for publishing the Microsoft Global Criminal Compliance Handbook, or in other words, what Microsoft will reveal to the police about you, if they’re as much as asked. Read the handbook here, or more about the entire leak ==> smackdown here.
  • A list of the 100 best free & online documentaries. I’ve got to own up and say I’ve only ever seen a couple of these, but some of them look really interesting so I’m definitely gonna try and watch some more when I’ve got the time.
  • How to spell commonly misspelled words. Currently, due to the nature of the classes I’m teaching, I end up having to type committee (double everything), necessary (one c, two s‘s), and receive (reverse the i before e) a lot. IMHO it’s essential reading.
  • Some good reasons to stop linking to Wikipedia as much. I grudgingly (because it’s more work for me) agree with his reasoning on the matter. Oh wells, ignorance was bliss… (discovered whilst reading this – credit where it’s due).
  • Ever want to clean up large swathes of ASCII text so that it’s nicely formatted automagically? to the rescue…
  • What the hell’s the deal with the economy? Why Everyone Owes Everyone and No One Can Pay aims to put you straight without putting you to sleep. Definitely on my wishlist.

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