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Birthday Cake One Year Old

Around 5 years ago I decided I needed a pet project, something to keep me occupied and amused, so I got a domain and some hosting and started r3dux.org. I ran the site on PHP-Nuke for a couple of years, but was never really too happy with it. I couldn’t code PHP at the time, so it was difficult and frustrating to modify the code to do what I wanted. There were no spam filters for nuke, and no plugins I was aware of, so when an article got spammed I’d be digging the code out of the database with PHPMyAdmin, and then older articles would get targeted so you’d wake up one day and notice 300 viagra spam comments which had been there for a week etc. It just wasn’t what I had in mind when I started the project so I pulled the plug.

I’d planned on writing my own custom CMS in PHP to help me learn the lang, but then I ended up with PHP as my main programming language at work, so I didn’t really have to. And after working on PHP projects 9 to 5 all day, 5 days a week, the last thing you want to do when you get home from work all tired and mentally exhausted is to work on yet more PHP – so I left things be while the site sat on the internets all sad and alone with a single page promising greater things to come. It stayed that way for 9 months or so, and when I’d finally realised that I’d never have the time nor inclination to write my own CMS, I installed WordPress – and things have been happy ever since!

Not to put too fine a point on it, WordPress is a fantastic CMS – well written, hugely customisable, and has great plugin support (of which there are thousands ranging from stats and spam blocking to related-posts, video-quicktags, quote-of-the-day, SEO optimisation, caching etc.) It really makes life as simple or involved as you like to do pretty much anything you could want to do on a blogging platform. And it’s this platform that I’ve been using for one year today according to my first post :)

r3dux.org stats

In that time, r3dux.org has gone from zero to slightly more than zero hits – and now gets over 9000 page hits per month (although to be fair, I got a slab of 1000+ hits last month from StumbleUpon, so I’m batting above my average there!) – and I hope to continue that growth throughout 2010 with this cunning three-point strategy:

  1. Write useful, informative and well explained articles with the occasional picture, song or video to break up the tech shenanigans.
  2. Try to post something at least once a day. Try hard. But if there’s really nothing fun or interesting to post just cut your losses and go for a one-a-day average.
  3. Don’t get lazy! Remember: What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure.

Simple, straight-forward, hope it works! =D

Looking at the post hits, the top five (six in the list, but I don’t really count the home page as an article) are all how to do something; how to hack a Wii, how to setup an FTP server etc. – so I’m really happy people have (hopefully) been able to get things done from the articles – it’s what makes the time and effort worthwhile.

r3dux.org top posts

I’d like to go back to the PHP-Nuke stuff and drag it back from depths, because I’m sure that not every post over those three or four years was entirely without merit, so maybe I’ll set up the nuke portal locally and trawl it for goodness… I guess a lot of it will have dated, but hopefully there’ll be enough there to warrant the occasional re-post or fill a dull news day. I guess I could even slap the lot into a single PDF and host it here, if only for sentimental value…

With that said and done, all that remains is to say Thank You; to everyone who’s taken the time to glance at the site, or post a comment, or be part of my life.

Thank you! :D

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