Ubisoft Raise the Bar for DRM Obnoxiousness

DRM: No-One Admitted

Ubisoft have just rolled out their new Digital Rights Management system for all future PC titles, and it’s awesomely anti-consumer! Not only are you forbidden from selling the game on at any point in the future, but you’re required to be connected to the Internet at all times to even play any title using the DRM!

AT ALL TIMES! Hahaha! So, not only can you not play the game you’ve legitimately bought on a laptop if you’re taking it about places where you might not have net access, but if you’re in the middle of a level and your wireless drops, you’re booted out of the game immediately!! No saving, no “Would you like to give it a moment to re-establish a connection?” – Instaboot! Absolutely incredible…

Of course, as Penny Arcade so rightly point out, this feature will only be available to fee-paying customers…

Penny Arcade: The Circular DRM Argument

Hopefully after being treated like this, it’ll mean all five of them.

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