God of War III Released Today – Woo-hoo!!

Can’t wait to pick up a copy, though I’m undecided as to whether I want to get the GoW1 and GoW2 remastered-in-HD versions and play them first… I finished GoW a long while back but then moved to the AU (sans PS2) before finishing the second. Decisions, decisions…

[An hour or two later…]

Decisions made!

I’ll take the original GoW first! – and it’s not even available for separate purchase in the AU atm… How, you might wonder, can I get on the GoW1 train? Because the lovely wife only went and got me the super-mega-ultimate-swishy set which includes God of War Collection, GoW3, postcards, a soundtrack two soundtracks, an art-book, unlockable thingys and all manner of Kratos related goodness!

God of War 3: Ultimate Edition

Happiness is warm set of the Blade of Chaos =P

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