FIFA 10 Puts the Boot In

I used to play a bit of Pro Evolution Soccer 4 on the PS2 back in the day, and although never particularly good at it I always kinda enjoyed a match now and again. Then came PES6 on the XBox 360, and you’d imagine that with all the extra power of the new gen consoles the visuals would be top-notch, the A.I. acually intelligent and the whole thing to run at a buttery 60fps – but you’d be wrong. PES6 was a ugly, stuttery mess. And so was 7. And so’s 8.

Every year you’d hope they’d have sorted out their codebase and ironed out the kinks so next year, next year it’s all going to be nice. But that never happened, and then along came FIFA 10. The FIFA games were always playing second fiddle to the mighty PES (or Winning Eleven as it’s known in Japan) – FIFA had the licenses, PES had the gameplay. Purists, or people who knew their footy games, went for PES – that was the rule.

I hadn’t any intention of getting FIFA until I saw it the other day for AU$38 – and promptly snapped up a copy, and I’ve got to say – I’m really impressed!

The framerate’s constant during play, with only a slight drop during replays. It looks pretty good (not fantastic, but good enough). It controls well, has seasons and create-a-player and tons of other stuff I’ll never use as I’m only after the occasional kick-around. But yeah – most impressive overall, and it’s everything that PES wanted to be but never managed. So kudos to the FIFA people – the footy game crown is now rightfully theirs.

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