Linkage #7: Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

  • Paint with liquid fire! And flash! Really rather fun… Flame painter, Fluid painter, Fluid AND Fire Painter!
  • Found: 90% of the Universe – hiding in plain sight. Well, ultraviolet sight. Surely this means the search for dark matter is effectively over?
  • Coke bottles are going square… Rather neat IMHO.
  • Ten things you didn’t know about comets is a bad astronomy article, and in my case was about 80% correct :)
  • Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon – now in chiptune flavour! I downloaded this months ago and only got around to listening to it yesterday – and it was actually rather good!
  • Know what a shebang is in linux scripting? I didn’t, even though I’d been using them for years…
  • The 50 Greatest Samples in Hip-Hop History – this might take you some time to get through – but it’s some really good shizzle, my bizzle! Each of the 50 samples has the original song, along with a modern day song it was used in. PHaT!
  • Keeping on a musical bent, Captain Obvious is a music blog with loads, and loads of neat music and mp3 mixtapes – it’s good, good stuff…
  • If you’ve written some absurdly simple code, say for example: 0.1 + 0.2 and got a really unexpected result: 0.30000000000000004 – you need to read this floating point guide
  • TechRadar‘s article on Sixty Tips for XP, Vista and Windows 7 has some super handy yet little known gems to make life more pleasant in your Windows pit of hell ;)
  • NASA’s new toy – the SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) has opened its eyes and started staring at the sun: and it’s beautiful

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