The Lost Room

I’ve been pretty busy prepping all my new networking and programming classes of late, but in my downtime (and really only over the last couple of days) have managed to watch The Lost Room (Careful: Link contains spoilers!) – a sci-fi mini-series about a guy who finds a key that’ll open any door and transport you to any other door that you can picture in your mind… So for example, you can picture a door you’ve used on a holiday or such, and then use the key to open any door around you and come out there… It’s rather neat!

But oh noes! The guy’s daughter gets lost in the motel room that’s always linked to the key, and he has to try and find a way to get her back by finding other objects that do all sorts of mundane/bizarre/amazing stuff, and tracing it all back to where the objects came from and how they can be used together in weird & wonderful ways…

It’s only six episodes in total (so it’s not like it’s a major time commitment), it’s got Peter Krause (Nate!) in it – who’s always awesome, and it’s really rather good!

IMHO, that makes it definitely worth checking out! :)

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