Posted on Tuesday, September 14 2004 @ 20:35 EST by r3dux

And so the modification begins!

Now have my (semi)righteous logo well in place, and am starting to understand how different types of themes are put together. This one, 3D-Fantasy, is about to get some serious overhaul since I’ve grabbed and renamed all the links to point into my own theme directory. All works through dynamically generated HTML table definitions to put the nice borders around articles with ver/horiz lines, corner-peices et-al.

Simple concept and quite spiffy, really.

Next things on the list to get the mod treatment:
– Jazzing up the header and footer
– Custom box-gfx
– Custom topic icons
– Quote of the day in PHP

Next fixes to bang head against:
– Forum session-cookie fix
– Times of posts don’t get submitted, or get submitted but are not displayed.

Hopefully in the next week or two it’ll come to a point where the site administration is all sorted out and I can focus more on content that just getting the site up and running. Which’ll be nice.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve got my third game in the work Squash league tomorrow, and since I’ve never attached a poll to an article before, I may as well give it a whirl, if just to see if it works or if PHP hemorrhages all over the place =)

Until Mañana…

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