Some down, more to go

Posted on Wednesday, September 15 2004 @ 23:54 EST by r3dux

Things that are down:
– 3 out of 4 opponents in my squash league, won 5-0 today.
– Got the “favourites” site icon back. Petty, inconsequential and true.
– Changed Bloggage topic icon to something other than me gurning. Bravo!
– Mini-me’d and doctored a version of the site logo and threw it into the AvantGo script. Now all I need is a palm-pilot.
– StatCounter now back in action after slipping the javascript code into the footer. Don’t really want to use the PHP-Nuke
statistics module since it’s just overhead on the MySQL DB, and it’s slow enough as it stands.
– My Slashdot rss news feed, proper banned for 72 hours. Apparently despite setting it to refresh once an hour it’s been
banned for polling more than once every half-hour. Deleted and re-added, hopefully it’ll sort itself out or I’ll have to join
Slashdot in giving it the slapdown.

Things to go:

– Hopefully not a tooth which is feeling ever so slightly wobbly. I’m desperately trying not to play with it with my tongue and
then then keep realising that that’s exactly what I’m doing.
– 2 more days in work until it’s the sweet, sweet weekend.
– About half of Doom 3, damn that’s one scary-ass game with the lights down and the sound up!
– Almost 300 pages of PHP-Nuke manual, on p219.
– Me. To bed. Sleepy, and tomorrow is another day in the Core…

Yup, a day in the Core’s like a day on the farm; every meal is a banquet, every paycheck a fortune!

Or not.


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