How To: Extract .ace Archives in Linux

The .ace compression format is rather legacy, but you still find the occasional old file compressed in it, and p7zip-full won’t extract ’em. There’s a package in Ubuntu 10.04 called unace, and you’d expect this to do the job – only it doesn’t. It’s version 1.2 which is absolutely legacy…. I mean seriously, it’s archaic – and it won’t extract “modern” .ace files.

So, to get this all sorted, just grab unace v2.5 from here (which itself was built in 2003!), extract the tar.gz, and then either use the unace binary from where it is or sling it in your /usr/local/bin/ directory for convenience.

Unace v2.5 on Linux

Decompression achieved.

4 thoughts on “How To: Extract .ace Archives in Linux”

  1. I have a perfect example in mind.

    Let’s say you have a user who wants to install a Morrowind mod into their OpenMW. They know how to do that just fine – except, they can’t find this mod in any format except .ace

    Games are great for learning how to do something new. If you fail, oh well – it was only a game.

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