SMB Campus – Happy 140th Anniversary!

The campus where I teach at the University of Ballarat had its 140th anniversary the other day, so they lined us all up appropriately… You’d really have to Where’s Wally it to find me though, so as a clue I’ve put in an image map to change the cursor (and put a pop-up box on click!) if you move your mouse over me in the below picture*.

Found r3dux! =P
SMB Campus - 140th Anniversary
SMB Campus - 140th Anniversary - Click here for bigger version!

* = The pop-up box will only appear on the picture above, not on the big version linked in the caption!

Relatedly, if you wanted to know how to create a HTML image map to have a “hotspot” on your image like I’ve used above, I wrote a quick guide on doing just that a little while ago…

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