Snowden – Anti-Anti

I’d never heard of Snowden until I recently found a song of theirs called You Don’t Really Know Me which I really rather liked, so I went hunting on YouTube for more, and low and behold – more there is!

Love the lights! You could accomplish this effect on anything with a simple video filter that averages pixel colours into chunks and then taking the luminance aspect for the size of the circles, but I digress. Maybe I’ll write one that works on a webcam feed if I have some spare time or just need to do some me-coding soon ;-)

Update: I thought of a better way to replicate the effect that doing all the pixel averaging yourself – just reduce the image size! Just tried it out with OpenCV running cvPyrDown repeatedly – from a 640×480 source image with 5 repeated halvings you get a 20×15 image, which would do the job, or even 4 divisions would give 40×30.

WebCam Size Reduction

Next step: Grab each pixel from a suitably reduced version and replicate as a same-coloured point in OpenGL with the point-size dependent on the overall pixel luminance. Going out for a meal w/ the good lady wife right now though, so maybe I’ll give it a whirl later (or maybe not, depending on how many beers I have & how much I feel like coding =P)

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