r3dux.org is two!

Well, in its WordPress incarnation it’s two at least – so hurrah! =D Birthday cake - two years old

In the two years since I brought the site back online it’s transitioned through shared hosting to my own VPS, been Stumbled-Upon enough to make the site-stats peak at nearly 200,000 hits per month, and all in served over half a million pages of how-to’s and shenanigans. Not bad going!

I’ve learnt a hell of a lot over the last year, and posted what I hope are a bunch of useful articles, but one thing’s become absolutely clear to me – and that’s that I can’t stick to my original goal of posting one thing a day. To write anything that’s really worth reading takes time, and sometimes I just don’t have it. Also, a couple of months ago I started working on my Ph.D, which means that a huge swathe of what was once free time is now study time. And that’s going to be the case for the next three years…

Still, I’m super-psyched to have to opportunity to study at all, it just means that with all that plus the day job plus family life means that, ya know, blogging opportunities are limited :)

But saying that, as part of my studies I have to get my head into a lot of OpenGL programmable-pipeline stuff, along with scene-graphs, a lot of OpenCV, Kinect-tech and other fun technologies, so I reckon I’ll definitely be able to whip up a whole bunch of neat how-to code that draws on the work I’ll be doing.

Monthly Hits - Year 2
Montly hits year 2 - StumbleUpon surge FTW ;)

Anyways, I just wanted to mark the occasion and to say thanks to my friends and family for being awesome and supporting me in every way I need it, and to the people who’ve found answers and left feedback on the site. I hope that the over the next twelve months I can bring the goods and write up some fun and inspiring stuff.

Cheers, y’all =D


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