Good ‘ol Blue

The jingle from this advert lodged in my head as an impressionable youth back in 1989 and now there’s no getting rid of it – in fact, just last night, the Shetboy and I were discussing our relative performance in CoD:MW2 co-op in terms of whether we preferred trucks and/or prickly-trees or whether that really wasn’t quite the type of nourishment in our respective staple diets…

I had no idea they’d made a 2009 remake for the 20 year anniversary of this iconic piece of frippery, no doubt because I haven’t lived in the UK since 2008. But still, good to see it’ll haunt another generation of impressionable youths who in turn will be writing a similar post about how this stupid advert jingle got caught in their heads around eighteen years from now… Ouroboros ftw ;)

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