Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

I came across Maslow’s hierarchy of needs the other day and thought it was an interesting way to lay out fundamental human needs. Some people disagree with the hierarchy (myself included – I mean, sex as a fundamental need? Really? Reproduction to propagate a species, yes – but recreational sex?), while others say it’s a false representation and there really is no hierarchy. Others again go on to point out that the entire thing is invalid because it’s seen from an individualistic standpoint (i.e. western thinking) which simply does not apply when viewed from a collectivist society.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Still, it’s interesting and food for thought. So even if it turns out to be artificial and of no use, like good art – it’ll make ya think – so it’ll be of use after all ;)

One thought on “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs”

  1. I’d say sex is a fundamental need – but maybe not for everyone.

    My criticism of the hierarchy is it doesn’t take into account acts of charity or selfless heroism.

    In other words, it works on a basic level – some of the time – and that’s it.

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