Belasco – Walk The Moon

I’ve had a musical dumpster diving kinda thing going on since I was a kid where I’ll go into record shops and buy a dozen of their cheapest/on-special/reduced-to-clear albums by bands I’ve never heard based on two vital criteria:

  1. The band name – the quirkier the better, and
  2. The album cover art – the cooler the better.

This is the perfect example of judging a book by its cover, and I’m fine with that, because sometimes I’ll end up with some awesome music I’d never have came across if I’d played it safe. Due to the very nature of the selection process, I sometimes also end up with what can only be described as a mixture of Jazz and Funk (i.e. Junk!), but you’d be surprised how often it yields the good stuff. Also, I can walk out with a dozen albums for like $40AUD, so I’m definitely playing the numbers game too.

On one such trip a while back I picked up a copy of Belasco‘s album Knowing Everyone’s Okay for some ridiculously low price – and it’s a really good!

The album version is a little slower and longer, but I can’t find a radio edit anywhere so I’m going with this live version. Awesome stuff.

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