Jessy J – Price Tag

Nice enough tune for something so mainstream…

See her do a decent (if a bit video-wobbly) acoustic version on Jools Holland here.

2 thoughts on “Jessy J – Price Tag”

  1. Jessie J is cool!

    Got a great voice – saw Jools when it aired live, she was great. Sadly the album was a bit of a letdown, but she is much better live. Has a great live voice.

    Hows things in the land of Oz?

    1. Yay – musical cross-over at last! I haven’t heard album, but she’s def got potential.

      Things are good, though pretty busy and turbulent atm…. been teaching for 3 years, and now it’s time to move on, either to go teaching proper degree-level stuff or… something else! Who knows? Maybe go for most over-qualified dustman evah or smth =P

      Hope things are going well for ya back in blighty =D

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