A new life awaits you on the off-world colonies

The news that Ridley Scott is going to be directing a brand new Blade Runner movie completely blind-sided me this morning, and I’m yet to pick my jaw up off the floor. I love Blade Runner – it’s my favourite film of all time, and I’m sure I must have watched it like 20 times. I loved the Philip K. Dick book, I really enjoyed the K. W. Jeter extensions, I finished the PC adventure game multiple times so I could see all the different endings… So yeah, bit of a fan, then. To find out they’re making a new movie, and that Ridley Scott’s at the helm has officially just made my year =D

If you don’t know what you’re missing, check out the Blade Runner Final Cut (2007) trailer below:

Surely more of this has got to be A Good Thing =D

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