Me vs. Software vs. The World, or How to transition from Alpha to Beta

Race Day
Concept (left) meets Reality (right)
Things like this are hard to write – but today has been one of the best days of my life.

I’ve spent the last two weeks writing a receipt system for a bookmakers, so they can rock up to a race meet (horses), place a big board of odds, and take and give a lot of money. I was asked to write the software to keep track of it all, and I did – by working 12 hour days and finishing on a final 22 hour coding session to get it all up and running a whole 15 minutes before leaving for “delivery”.

I wrote it in a language foreign to me (Java) so it can run on anything, I hadn’t tested it very well, and I didn’t know if it would work in the real world until it got to the point of taking multiple crisp $100 bills off gruff, semi-drunken people at the race track.

To back up a second, the game here is “doubles” – you pick a horse to win in one race, and another horse to win in any other race, and you get the multiplied odds if both horses win – for example, Race 1 Horse 2 has 10 to 1 odds, Race 3 Horse 4 has 20 to 1 odds, so you get (10 x 20) 200 to 1 odds, and if you then place $10 on that combination and both those horses win you’re in for a $2,010 return. Sounds simple enough to keep track of, right? And on paper it is – but the devil is always in the details.

So I worked on the details, and it got the the point where money was changing hands. Real money. And lots of it. All going through my software. So if things failed now, it would be… bad.

But nothing did: Every race to perfection. Every bet to the (Australian rounded) nickel. Every composite object to the correct [serialized/deserialized] binary stream, every fat-fingered illegal input handled gracefully. 0 crashes. 0 errors. 0 fuck-ups.

I won’t deny it: for how last-minute, and with how little testing got done, I got lucky – but that doesn’t change the fact that everything worked perfectly: first-time.

I knocked it out of the park.

Awesome =D

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