One Million Hits – Hot Dang! - one million hits - WordPress Stats summary - Oct 2011
When I relaunched this blog on WordPress from the ashes of its PHP-Nuke incarnation back in April 2009, it was just meant to be a place where I could throw some notes about how to go about doing things, so if I ever need to do them again it’s all documented, and if it helps anyone else out whose in the same predicament then all the better. And you know what? That strategy seems to be working out pretty well! - Google Analytics - Oct 2011 - Google Analytics - Oct 2011
I don’t blog about what I had for dinner, I just post up some notes and how-to’s, along with some pictures and music, and maybe some life related stuff if I think it might be interesting to others, or if I just want to keep a record of what’s going on. And now, 31 months after launch, I’ve reached seven figures worth of hits (not including my own visits) according to WordPress Stats – Woo-Hoo!! Even Google Analytics‘ stats (which I’ve generally found to be lower than the WordPress Stats figures) shows just over a million page views – so maybe I really hit the magic number a couple of days back, but either way I’m absolutely psyched that I’ve managed to get to this point!

As for traffic sources, a large part of that has been driven by StumbleUpon throwing visitors my way, which is something I would never have guessed would happen. When I started up I thought the majority traffic would come from search or links in forums, and I do get a fair amount of that, but the real figures, all the massive spikes you can see below? All from StumbleUpon… blog stats - October 2011. StumbleUpon kicks like a mule...

All this isn’t to say that the 1,000,000 page views means 1,000,000 articles read – I’m sure at least half of it all has been people just clicking through Stumble!/Stumble!/Stumble! – and if you look at the Analytics data top-left you can see some interesting trends such as with higher traffic comes lower Time-on-Site (as a result of stumbling here, and not being interested!) – but at least some of it, maybe 10% to 15%, has been directed search, i.e. people looking for something, and finding it. And that’s still a large number! Even skipping over the outliers you can see a definite upward trend of views against time…

So where next? Onward and upward, I guess! I’ll try to post interesting, useful things – and I’ll see if anyone reads them! There’s a whole heap of JSP/Servlet coding to be done over the coming months, as well as trying to put the Stanford AI knowledge to use, and no doubt I’ll be adding a whole heap of random that I couldn’t possibly predict right now. So yeah… it’s all very build it and they will come ;)

To wrap up, I’d just like to give my thanks to everyone who knows and supports me, whether family or friends, and to anyone who’s found or learnt or enjoyed something I’ve put up on this site: This exists for you, whoever and wherever you are.

And finally, the only song I could possibly place in a post like this…

More hits than playing blackjack with a deck of twos! Love it! ;) [ lyrics ]

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