UB Research Conference Poster 2011

As part of my Ph.D. experience, I’m presenting and have a poster at the upcoming University of Ballarat research conference on the 3rd and 4th of November, and finished my poster the other day. The idea is that all the research students, whether you have results to display and discuss or whether you’re still at the proposal stage like me can have something to show and talk about with people, whether they’re interested in your specific field, or just your idea.

Al Lansley - UB Conference Poster
Click for bigger PDF version.

I knocked it together using a combination of Inkscape and trial and error, in full 300dpi for printing on glossy A1 – and when I saw the actual poster today I’ve got to say that was really pleased with how it turned out. As long as it can be read from about 6ft away, or at least most of it, you’ll get people to have a look, and maybe discuss it with you, as well as offer ideas, opinions and maybe criticisms if they feel strongly enough about it. I think the phrase for that is frank academic discussion ;)

Anyways, I thought I’d put up the poster to a wider audience, and ask you – what do you think?

Update: I won 2nd place best poster and 1st place best presentation! Woo-hoo! Show me the book vouchers! =P

Image Credits (will be shown alongside poster at conference! Sorry I couldn’t fit them all on the poster!):
Retro graphics image: Dire Straits – Money for Nothing © Warner Bros., 1986
Modern graphics image: Jeff Patton – iray interior test © Jeff Patton, 2011
Retro keyboard and mouse: No source author found, IBM products.
Modern keyboard and mouse + Kinect sensor: Stock product shots © Microsoft.
Kinect structured light grid on model: Dancing with Invisible Light by Audrey Penven, 2010 CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Capture from Zdenek Kalal’s TLD Demonstration Video : © Zdenek Kalal
View from Kinect (depth/RGB) : View from OpenNI Kinect Test application, unknown source, 2011
FreeCAD screenshot : Screenshot by JDurston, SourceForge MediaWiki, 2011.
Colourful Kinect grafiti : Kinect graffiti application, © Jean-Christophe Naour, 2011.

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