How-To: Fix LMDE Repo Hell

LMDE is a great distro, but the repo situation is a bit of a mess, what with all the update packs and tracking testing or sid or romeo or wheezy or… yeah, it gets confusing. As I wanted to build openFrameworks the other day and it was moaning about libavcodec and libavcodec-dev mismatches I did a bit of searching around and found this thread over on the mint forums, and making the following changes fixed up the repo issues in no time:

Change your main repos (in /etc/apt/sources.list) to:

If you wanted to then make sure the Mint repos take precedence over the Debian ones, put something like the following in /etc/apt/preferences:

Once you perform an update to get the new package listings and upgrade, all package mismatches should be fixed and you can actually build stuff! Woo! =D

Update May 2012: Getting a large number of packages to be removed when you contemplate updating/upgrading? Pin all repos to 500 (i.e. level the playing field) to fix! Source: Thanks, ZeroZero!

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