6 thoughts on “The Shakespeare Insult Kit”

  1. Here is an example Java object that generates random insults. I thought it may be a fun way to learn a little bit of the Collections interface.

    Anyway, re-format code as desired. (r3dux: Done!)

    The object:

    The client:

    1. Most impressive, sir!

      However I’ll see your beautiful Java code and lower you some shonky JavaScript!

      Brace thyself…

      You have to mung it together with no white-space for it to work properly in WordPress, otherwise it adds stuff like <p> tags on any blank lines, and that breaks it big time. However, that in itself is a useful thing to know – I only managed to figure out why it wasn’t working by going through the code with FireBug and seeing those pesky tags – and that’s when the code was entered in HTML mode not with the WYSIWYG editor, too! Very sketchy…

      Anyways, the javascript for this is:

      Which if you put together into a standalone page, you end up with something like this (opens in new tab).

      1. Impressive, I like that

        ** Clicks on imaginary ‘I Like This’ button **

        Uses generate button instead
        => Thou warped fen-sucked clack-dish!

        1. The “Like” button on this page is not imaginary, you just don’t have a Bookface account!

          [clicks on imaginary “Like That Shet Likes This” button] =P

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