UB Research Conference Win(s)!

Yesterday was the main day of the University of Ballarat Research Conference 2011, and it was a really good day. Along with some great talks (the Mayor of Ipswitch (Queensland) was one of the best speakers I think I’ve ever seen) and discussions about academic shenanigans, there were prizes available for best paper, best three-minute thesis, best poster and best presentation. As I really needed the poster experience I thought I’d give it a shot, and thought I may as well give a presentation as well, even though a lot of my day-to-day teaching often involves nothing but presentation. Practice makes perfect, right?

Obviously I put a fair swag of effort into them both, but so had everybody else – and although I was aiming some kind of win (ya know, aim for the stars and you’ll hit the trees – aim for the trees and you won’t even get off the ground), I wasn’t about to get my hopes up too much only to have them dashed. So I did my poster (as mentioned previously), and gave my presentation to the best of my ability. And guess what?

UB Research Conference 2011 Win Certificates
Winner-winner chicken dinner! Even if they did spell my first name wrong! =P

I did pretty darn well! Woo-hoo! =DDD I think the last thing I won was probably a colouring competition when I was 4! (Got a trip to the ballet in London, no less – because that’s what four year olds are into!)

Anyways, I’m really delighted with the result, especially in the face of some stiff competetion from other fellow students. Everyone did really well & gave a really strong showing – so congratualations to all who turned up and took part.

Finally, I’d just like to give a quick thanks to my wife, my study group and especially to Assoc. Prof. Jim Sillitoe for all they’ve done and continue to do in helping to make the hard yards not only immeasurably easier, but possible at all. You guys rock! :D

3 thoughts on “UB Research Conference Win(s)!”

  1. Well done mate, you did really well.

    The poster you posted on a previous entry was really swish, so your presentation must’ve been immensely impressive. High standards indeed!

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