Getting psyched for 2012 Attendee 2012 kicks off next week in Ballarat at the UB Mt. Helen campus (commuting win – 10 minute drive!) so I’ve just spent a few hours working out my conference schedule… You might think this is perhaps too long to be pondering over schedules, but as the conference runs for 5 days and is organised around multiple sessions in streams, you can pick and choose which sessions you attend each day. For example, options for Tuesday the 17th (with my planned sessional route in blue) look like this: 2012 - Tuesday Schedule
Even reading about each talk takes a while, nevermind deciding which ones to attend - but it's a nice problem to have ;-)

So, yeah, it’s taken a bit of reading and thinking to figure out which sessions I’d like to attend (of-interest or fun stuff), which sessions I should attend (useful learning opportunities but not necessarily fun) and which sessions I’m not particularly fussed about, of which I’m not finding many – quite the opposite in fact, I keep finding multiple sessions I’d like to attend which are on at the same time! Looking forward to a great week of Linuxy shenanigans and learning stuff. Should be fun =D

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