PS3 XMB Wave in Flash / AS3

My second attempt at recreating the PS3 XMB “wave” thingy in Flash – I’m thinking it’s not too shabby for purely using blurred 2D lines for the waves. I’m sure it could be fine-tuned to match up with the real XMB better, but for what I wanted this is fine.

And all using zero 3D, and zero splines/beziers.

Not bad for 7KB of Flash!

4 thoughts on “PS3 XMB Wave in Flash / AS3”

  1. any way you can make this as a full hd background for a website? and do you think you can make a menu like the xmb that is functional? we need to talk if you think you can manage creating something like that. im creating a website that i want to look like the ps3 xmb. and this is a good hope that there is already something that could help me on my idea. thanks. you can get in ouch with me at . i use that email on my phone so i will see it.

    1. You can use flash as a background like this: – but it would be pretty distracting in the background of articles. Maybe just in a header would work though.

      Also, although I’m sure I could make a functional XMB menu in flash – unfortunately I simply don’t have the time or the inclination to do so.

      I’ll try to clean up and post the source code for the XMB effect above this week – from there maybe you could find someone who knows flash to add a XMB-like menu to it.


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