Fix for the Microsoft Word error “A file error has occurred” while saving

Can’t save your Word document? Used equations recently? Thought so.

Don’t panic though – the problem is simply with soft-carriage-returns (i.e. using Alt+Enter) in the equations.

To fix things up, remove all soft carriage-returns from your equations – making sure to include those still left behind in the tracked changes! (just accept the changes involving equations, or accept all changes).

Further details can be found here: – look for the post from bryan p.

16 thoughts on “Fix for the Microsoft Word error “A file error has occurred” while saving”

  1. This just happened to me. I found it to be a powerpoint slide I had copy and pasted into the document. I have now printed as pdf and put back in and all works fine. Not sure why this happened as I have done this lots of times before, but no problems with saving any more.

  2. I crawled around the online help boards and discovered that Word can do this in any number of situations where it’s being too clever. You just have to get your magnifying glass out and peer at the last few operations before it jammed. I identified the area with the glitch (it was only a numbered list with a formatting gremlin), cut’n’pasted into a text document to preserve the text, and cut’n’pasted back in without formatting, and re-formatted. Worked for me.

    1. Glad you found a way to fix your document – but that’s not a free fix: you have to purchase the software to save the fixed document. So depending on your needs, your mileage may vary…

  3. THX!!!!!!!!!!!! It worked. Thank you very much, i have been trying to find a solution for over an hour on different websites. Thx

  4. I am crying tears of joy that you posted this solution. Thank you for saving my dissertation from MS Word data corruption gremlins.

  5. Thank You! This bit of posted advice is still yielding dividends. Accepted changes on the modified equation and all is good.

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